A downloadable game for macOS

You play as Death's son, Death Jr. whose time has come to get into the family business. But he has to start from the bottom, as he has never killed any living creatures before, so his dad gives him a list over animals he has to take care of. There's just one problem: there are also cats on the list, and Death Jr. loves cats (hence the title ;-))
Your goal is to kill every creature in the level, besides the cats - you have to solve puzzles, and bring them into your bag to save them.

Walk: W,A,S,D
Shoot: arrow keys
Pick up/use: E
Bag (to attract cat): F

So far this is only a prototype for a game idea I had to develop during my exam on my 4th semester at Multiplatform Storytelling and Production, so it's mostly just uploaded for my mentors and study buddies to see, but you're welcome to play it and tell me what you think! :-)

There's currently no start/restart/end button, so the game just starts as soon as you open it.

Install instructions

This is currently only for MAC, as far as I know.

Save game, unzip it, and you're ready to go!


DJR.app.zip 14 MB